We make our customers' parts more efficient.


We have been actively involved since our very beginning in the process of re-engineering customer’s parts. Our goal is to make them more functional and cost competitive.

One customer had a patent that ran out on their most popular and profitable item. They were in competition with an imported version of their product.

The current item as currently constructed would never be competitive as it was too labor intensive. We recommended that the customer change to a pre-manufactured aluminum channel over the current version which was a welding process on standard aluminum channel.

The material cost was significantly higher, but the labor savings offset the overall cost of the material and they were able to continue selling their product at a profit.

We don’t sell the aluminum extruded channel, but researched and specified what was needed and gave the information to the customer who then ordered the material from the vendor we worked with. We did not make a sale on any of the process, but what we did do was keep a valuable customer profitably in business to work with us on more projects that we can both benefit from.

We had another case where the customer couldn’t be competitive with his current product for the food industry. The product being manufactured was a great product-made from all stainless steel. The cost savings we recommended was to make the stands that the machines sit on out of carbon steel, then paint them with Steel-It paint. Steel-It is a high leafing Stainless Steel content paint that creates a solid sheet of stainless on the painted product.

Let us help you be more competitive. We don’t charge for the help!