Custom Kits

We help create a kit that works for you and your customer.

Custom Kits

We have been manufacturing custom kits for our customer’s applications since the mid 1960’s. We have a computer program developed for this, so the customer consistently gets what is needed in the kit.

There are many reasons for us to make the kits for our customers:

  • One part number to order-no matter how many parts or quantity of parts will be in that kit.
  • Eliminates the inventory tracking of the components.
  • Eliminates the purchasing of multiple items.
  • Eliminates the stocking locations for multiple items.
  • Eliminates stocking extra parts to make the kits.
  • Eliminates purchasing the packaging for the kits.
  • Eliminates the stocking of this packaging.
  • Eliminates the assembly of these kits.
  • Kits actually become a profit center for our customers.
  • We work with you to create a kit that works for both you and your customer.

The reasons our customer have for making kits is very diverse. Some want the convenience of ordering the complete kit that they offer in their catalogs to their customers-as one unit and no extra work.

Others want kits that have the exact amount of parts needed to create the part they manufacture. This eliminates the assembler from walking back and forth from the stocking location to the assembly bench. It keeps that employee working and prevents un-needed distractions.

Some build the same units over and over then order the bulk kits made for as many machines they will be building. This is typical for cell type manufacturing.