About Us

We are NOT your average distributor!

Company History

Chicago Spence Tool & Rubber Co. opened in 1962 in Melrose Park and has moved 7 times to again reside in Melrose Park. The moves were made in order to increase inventory capacity and improve the flow of operations. Every move at least doubled the size of the previous warehouse. We currently are in 53,000 square feet.

The amount of inventory items has gradually increased thru the years and now stands at 88,037 items that we purchase thru 4,373 vendors. The total amount of pieces in stock is now: 9,391,912

We are not a normal distributor in the sense that we stock every item from every vendor that we represent. We tailor our inventory to the customers that we are selling to. This has obviously changed over the course of 53 years and our inventory as well as our warehouse is always evolving. We adapt very quickly to customer demands and pride ourselves in being the customer’s best supplier.


What Sets us Apart?

The ability to react quickly to a customer request and provide engineering help as required.

Large amounts of inventory are available from us or any of our 4373 vendors, many of which have warehouses in the Chicago area for quick pickup or shipment.

Assembling kits per customers specifications. We currently assemble kits ranging from 5 items, to kits that have over 100 different items. The parts in the kits range from hose assemblies that we make and test, funnels, fasteners, made to order brackets, filters, knobs, and other items that are customer specific.

Hose assembly manufacturing. We can make air, hydraulic, water, tar, welding, food handling and chemical hose assemblies in our warehouse.

The wide range of businesses that we sell to include: medical, food, chemical, metal working and tool & die shops to name just a few.